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WAR BASES: Anti-3-star bases for TH8 and TH9, and TH10 anti 2 star

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TH10 bases are completely different than th9's, as TH10s are they only level where you need to try to stop 2 stars.  I dont know much about building TH10s at this time but I will post a few pictures of good TH10 bases I have seen in a post below.

TH9 bases (also somewhat applies to TH8)
Some examples of anti 3 star bases.  FYI any base in the game can be 3 starred by the right attack.  The goal of an anti-3-star base is to make the 3 star very difficult.  By using one of these bases you will probably get 2 starred very easily but that is the goal of this base.  The best anti-3-star base is one that you make yourself and dont take from online.  This is to ensure that nobody has ever seen it before and there isn't a video online of it being 3 starred.

Clan castle and Townhall
To make an anti-3-star base you need to have the clan castle in the dead center.  This means the townhall is going to have to be offset to one side (which makes 2 stars easier, but that is our goal).  Do not make any 1 section (especially the core) too big as this allows multiple types of attacks to destroy a lot of your base quickly. I am not seeing many anti-3-star bases with the townhall in the core.  It is usually offset to a side to try to lure people to attack from that side, and the rest of the base is designed to stop, hog attacks, and laloon attacks.

If the queen is placed near the center of the base(next to or near the centered clan castle), this means that an attacker can come from any direction and use a set of wall-breakers and a jump spell and kill your queen using his kill squad.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it gives a good attacker the ability to pick any side they want and possibly take out 2 air defenses or a set of your double giant bombs on the way.  Placing your queen near the center will make the new "ZAP QUAKE" attack difficult as the queen will be difficult to kill easily.

The other option is to offset your Queen towards one side or corner of the base.  This attempts to force an attacker to come in from one or two prechosen sides of your base.  What you then need to do is place your double giant bombs and other traps away from the queen.  This is so that the attackers kill squad (golems, heros and a few wiz usually) cannot trigger any of your bombs and traps on their way to taking out your queen.  This is so that when they use hogs or loons to take out the other side of the base, they will hit all the traps at that point.

Don't put your queen so close to the edge that it is an easy kill. If someone can drop their king with 2 wallbreakers and kill your queen, them it is too close to the edge.

Not many rules about locating the King other than don't put him outside the base.  Some people put the King near the queen to make killing the queen harder.  Others place the King on the other side near all the traps to try to kill back-end hogs.

Double Giant Bombs
You also need 1 or 2 sets of double giant bombs that are somewhat near the middle and preferably away from the queen.  Notice in the pictures below how the double giant bombs are placed between 2 defenses.  The bombs are located so that hogs will path directly across both bombs at the same time.  There are also no defenses to either side to allow the hogs to move directly across without straying.  It can also be a good idea to have fake double giant bomb locations as well to make it harder for your opponent to predict where you put them.

Air defense locations
You want to design it such that your attacker cannot easily take out 2 of your air defenses as well as your queen.  If possible design it so that it is difficult to get 1 air defense and the queen. Some of the bases put the 4 defenses on one side and the queen on the other.  But keep in mind if you put all 4 air defenses towards one side they might be able kill some of your air def using hogs or something.

Should be set to ground and air.  They should not be in the same compartment.

wizard towers
Wizard towers can be placed so that the wiz tower range does not cover any of the air defenses.  This is so that when a lavahound is tanking over an air defense, the wizard tower cannot reach the hound.  Now when balloons are sent in, the wiz tower will do splash damage on the loons instead.

small bombs
At TH9 only, a max level 6 small bomb does 42 damage. A wall breaker has 42 health.  Therefore at TH9 small bombs can be placed at 2 spaces out from walls that are likely to be hit by wallbreakers and kill them instantly.  This does not happen often but every once in a while it will screw up someones attack on your base.  They are placed 2 spaces out from wall to give enough time to detonate as the wallbreaker runs past them.

Air bombs
Usually people place the black air bombs in pairs on 2 of the air defenses, that are farther away from the queen and not likely to be taken out by the kill squad.  This kills a lavahound faster and could eliminate the tanks for a raid faster.

Try to place the red air bombs in a place where they wont be in range of lavahound paths, which is hard to do since it is different for each attacker.  I usually try to put them near wiz towers to hopefully take out balloons quicker.

TH 9 examples

TH 8.5 examples This is the same as TH9 bases except replace the xbows with other defenses

TH8 examples

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2 War base building videos on Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:22 pm

General TH9 base building

Setting up double giant bombs and air defense locations

Double giant bombs that work

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Thanks for doing all of this Furor. The more we can learn the better.

Got anything for us TH10s?

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4 TH 10 bases on Sat Nov 07, 2015 2:23 pm

[size=16]A Lavahound and a balloon seems to be the most used and most effective troops to have in your cc if your are a TH10.

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