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Clash Royale Chest Pattern Revealed!

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1 Clash Royale Chest Pattern Revealed! on Tue Mar 22, 2016 3:19 pm

bounce Hey Guys i have an interesting fact about the Clash Royale Chests bounce

There is a pattern in the Game File that tells the Game what Kind of Chest you get for a Win affraid affraid affraid
The Pattern only Continues if you have a space available for a Chest.
If you start a Game and have no Spot left for a new Chest the Pattern simply stops and restarts when you can get a new Chest. also the Pattern Restarts when you reach the last win in the Pattern.
So if you get the number 248 Win king and a Silver Chest it starts again at 9 wich is the Point when you finish the Tutorial.

Here is the link:

Itried it with my Pc account and it follows exactly that pattern!

Thank me L8r Very Happy cyclops

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