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1 CLAN RULES on Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:54 am


* only opt in if you are willing/able to use both attacks in war

* TH10 players keep their attacks for last

* When you 'call' a target, make sure it is one you can definitely 3 star ie a weaker player at ur th level or a stronger base at the th level below.  

* All targets must be approved by a Co-leader

* First attacks should be used to clear all bases which are th8 n below.  We will agree on who 3 stars what, from bottom up, during Prep Day

* Top 5 enemy bases in war should not be attacked until all th8s n below have been 3 starred

* We operate at full strength every war - if you have a hero/spell factory upgrading then you should opt out

* Max Troops Only in war cc's

* if u need help/advice on what/how to attack, then ask a co-leader


* Donate what is requested - minimum troop level lv5 arch/wiz, lv4 drag, lv6 giants.  

* Stay Active

* Update War Opt In/Out regularly - if you Opt In, make sure you are able to use both attacks in war.

* WAR - starting Friday 16 October 2015, we will be operating one week WAR, one week OFF.  

* Promotion is earned through being active, loyal, and participation in war

* Majority Rule - any important decisions will be voted on, votes from 4 or more co-leaders equals majority

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